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Memorable Past Events

This page contains a history of past memorable events that took place at Coastline Baptist Church.

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Past Events At Coastline Baptist Church:

A record of some of the more memorable events that the members of Coastline Baptist Church have enjoyed.

2009 Mens Camp 01 



The 2009 Cairns Annual Show ran from Wednesday 15 through to Friday 17 July and members of Coastline Baptist Church attended a booth where free literature, tracts, and Bibles were offered to the passing public.  We also ran a continuous 10 minute video presentation about our church.  A free CD which included a copy of the video presentation and a copy of our church web site was also offered to those who were interested.

Usually around 70,000 locals and visitors attend this annual three day event, mostly on the Friday, which is dubbed "People's Day", a popular public holiday for the Cairns district.

The Lord gave us plenty of opportunities to witness and share the Gospel with a remarkably accepting public.  Pastor Dan even got an invite to speak to the grade seven students at Hambledon State School which is at Edmonton, just south of Cairns.  Interestingly, the students there have recently commenced a study on the various religions around the world.

The Hambledon students were conducting a survey while at the show and voted ours as the best booth because of the effort we put in to communicate with them.  Let's hope they were listening.

All in all, the Lord blessed our testimony and we look forward to the fruit which we believe will be produced.

Above:Pastor Dan speaks with grade 7 students from Hambledon State School at Edmonton, just south of Cairns city.

Above:  A bird's-eye view of our booth during a bit of a quiet time.

Above left:  Hughie attends to the Hambledon student's many questions.

Right:  Pastor Dan answers questions from an interested couple.

Easter 2009 Coconut Resort Youth Activity

Some Pictures of the Event

Coastline Sea Shell
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